How do I edit a Risk Assessment?

  Risk Assessment

1. Go to the Health & Safety tab and select Risk Assessment.


2. Click the Risk Assessment you want to edit.


3. Click EDIT in the right hand corner.


4. Make any necessary changes to STEP 1: DESCRIPTION and click NEXT to save your changes. You can exit at this point if these are the only changes needed.

If you click BACK your changes won’t be saved.


5. Make any necessary changes to STEP 2: ASSESSMENT by selecting the Hazard you want to edit and click Edit Hazard icon on the right hand side.


6. Make your necessary changes to the hazard details and click UPDATE

If you click CLOSE your changes won’t be saved.


7. This will then take you to the view hazard panel where you can add additional control, attach documents, set & merge residual risk and assign as a Risk & Opportunity.


6. Once complete select RETURN TO REGISTER.




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