Why would I want a Multi-site account?


Most accounts on LUS cover a single ‘site’ providing a legal register for environment and/or health & safety and/or food legislation. But organisations that are a bit more complex can have multiple ‘sites’ in the same account, with separate registers accessible to users.

Generally speaking our Multi-site clients are organisations that have more than one physical location where they need to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation.

These locations tend to have their own audit schedules and need to demonstrate what they do at that site specifically to comply with the law. They may have their own permits, licences and registrations, they may also have aspects and hazards that are specific to their location and not applicable to other parts of the organisation.

Some locations or parts of an organisation may carry out activities that are significantly different to others: one location might carry out office activities whilst others include manufacturing or processing. Sites may also sit in different legal jurisdictions with their own legislation to comply with (we cover legislation for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland). In these contexts separate registers in the same account can make managing compliance easier for all involved.

Multi-sites are also useful when some employees have responsibility for compliance at a single location whereas others need to be able to oversee compliance across more than one or all of the sites.

If any of this sounds like your organisation then get in touch and ask about Multi-site accounts, they could make organising and managing your compliance considerably easier.

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