Jan 2020 H&S Legal Updates Webinar (Slides and Recording)

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You will find below the slides and video of the Health & Safety Legal Update Webinar delivered on 17 January 2020 by our lead health & safety consultant, Jonathan Teale.

This presentation covers changes to health & safety guidance and key updates to legislation in the last 12 months. There was no new legislation.  Also below are the questions asked during the session.

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Health and Safety Legal Updates Webinar Recording



Question Answer
When REACH is transferred onto the UK Statute Book, will there be a need to re-register? Existing registrations in the EU: where UK organisations had already registered chemicals with the ECHA,  those registrations will no longer be recognised by the ECHA.

Existing registrations – UK: existing registrations with ECHA will automatically be copied direct into the UK system. Therefore, manufacturers will not need to re-register chemicals with the HSE but they will be required to file certain information with the HSE within 60 days, and other information within 2 years. 

Will there be a website through HSE similar to ECHA? As far as we understand, there is an IT system mirroring the current EU system being built to cater for information including new registrations. validation of registrations, downstream user notifications. This system is called UK REACH-IT. Further information on it is available on the HSE website in the Brexit section https://www.hse.gov.uk/brexit/reach-guidance.htm
Will there be any changes in relation to ADR regulations? As far as we understand, there are no major changes to legislation on ADR brought about by the UK exiting the EU.
As an importer of timber products and manufacturer of CE Marked timber products, I presume this would mean that the CE marking will need to be changed to UK marking for product literature (advertising etc)? As we understand it, in the long term, the UK marking may be required to be adopted. This still very much remains unconfirmed until the outcome of requirements at the end of the transitional period is decided. For now using CE marking in current literature is fine during the transitional period but wtach this space after the end of the transition period.
What sort of action would you recommend to the business in relation to changes brought by withdrawal act and effectively end of a transition period? I am thinking in terms of specific audit or gap analysis… In our opinion it would be advisable to concentrate on areas of your business where you are either making or importing product or chemicals and identify whether you are aware of any proposed changes in registration / CE marking etc.
Do you know if the HSE be issuing any instructions and guidance for companies with regards to the importing of chemicals from the EU? There is significant amount of guidance available in importing chemicals from the EU. This is available on the HSE website https://www.hse.gov.uk/brexit/reach.htm

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