How do I export a Hazard / Hazards?

  Risk Assessment

You can export a single hazard or select multiple hazards to export into excel with the following details:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Title
  • Hazard Type
  • Description
  • Persons Affected
  • Legislation
  • Existing Controls
  • Severity
  • Likelihood
  • Risk
  • Additional Controls
  • Person Responsible
  • Deadline
  • Status
  • Residual Severity
  • Residual Likelihood
  • Residual Risk
  • Last Updated


Export a single hazard

1. In Risk Assessment click the Hazards tab.

2. Click the Hazard you want to Export.

3. Click EXPORT.

4. This will now export your Hazard into an Excel Worksheet.


To export multiple Hazards complete the following process.

You can export your entire list of hazards or filter it using the boxes at the top of the screen.

1. Under the Hazards tab in risk assessment.

2. You can now filter the list of hazards you want to export or leave unfiltered for the entire list.

3. Click EXPORT.

4. This will now export a list of your selected hazards into an Excel Worksheet.


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