How do I access the On the Horizon section?

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On the Horizon

The On the Horizon section provide information on changes, developments and deadlines relating to legislation and content on the LUS system. This includes consultations and draft legislation.

How do I access the On the Horizon section?

1. Go to the Environment, Health & Safety or Food tab and select On The Horizon

On the Horizon 1

A list of consultations and draft legislation will appear. The list is filtered to your jurisdiction(s) and profile.

Note: To see all of the On The Horizon content relating to your jurisdiction(s) select the ‘See All’ button

Active consultations are open and available for comment. Archived consultations are closed and no longer available for comment.

On the Horizon 2

2. Select a title

Each entry provides an overview to the consultation, a link to the consultation and a date when the consultation ends

On the Horizon 3

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