How do I add an objective?

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Under ISO 14001, 9001 and 18001, businesses must establish objectives. Objectives must be documented, measurable (if practicable), communicated, monitored, and updated (as required).

The Objectives register allows you to document your objectives on LUS. Objectives can then be linked to relevant risks and opportunities and to your legal register.

How do I add an objective?

1. There are three ways to add an Objective.

From the navigation bar
Go to the Objectives tab and select Objectives Register.

Add objective 1

Select the ‘Add Objective’ button

Add objective 2

From your legal register
When in a legislation entry, select the Objectives tab

Add objective 3

Select the ‘Assign As Objective’ button

Add objective 4

This will create an objective which is automatically linked to this piece of legislation

From your Risk and Opportunities Register
When in a Risk/ Opportunity entry, select the ‘Assign as Objective’ button

Add objective 5

This will create an objective which is automatically linked to this risk or opportunity

All three ways take you to the same Add Objective form:

2. Select Environment, Health & Safety, Food, Quality or other

Note: objectives are colour coded – environment is green, health & safety is orange, food is pink, quality is grey, and other is blue.

Add objective 6

3. Input reference number

Note: you must enter a reference number otherwise LUS will automatically assign a random set of numbers

Add objective 7

4. Input details of your objective

Add objective 8

5. Input supporting information

Add objective 9

6. Input performance indicators

Add objective 10

7. Select the ‘Add Source’ button

Add objective 11

8. Select the relevant source(s) of the objective

Add objective 12

  • Compliance obligation: select the relevant legislation from your legal register and select confirm

Add objective 13

  • Significant Aspect: select the relevant significant aspect from the drop down menu and select confirm

Add objective 14

  • Risk and Opportunity: select the relevant risk/opportunity from the drop down menu and select confirm

Add objective 15

  • Other: input your description and select confirm

Add objective 16

9. You can add more than one source by selecting the ‘Add Source’ button and following the above procedure again

Add objective 17

10. Select In Progress or Complete

Add objective 18

11. Select the ‘Save’ button

Add objective 19

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