How do I add an action to an objective?

  Compliance Actions, Objectives

1. Go to the Objectives tab and select Objectives Register.

Action objective 1

2. First select the objective reference

Action objective 2

3. Select the Action Plan tab

Action objective 3

4. Select the ‘Add Action’ button

Action objective 4

5. Select who is responsible

6. Select when the deadline is

7. Select if it is urgent and whether to send a reminder (optional)

8. Input action text

9. Select the ‘Save’ button

Action objective 5

To edit an action select the ‘Edit’ button.

To delete an action select the ‘Delete’ button

Note: Super-users and the person that set the action can edit/delete it.

When an action has been completed select the ‘Complete’ button.

Note: Super-users and the responsible person(s) can complete the action.

Action objective 6

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